Kanryu Rice Husking & Milling Machine Skeleton A-1 with Engine

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This machine was newly developed for husking and milling of indica rice which account for around 80% of global rice production.

By adopting Japanese excellent husking and milling technologies, this machine was developed to reduce the milling loss of indica rice.

This machine is composed with the rice husking equipment using impeller and the friction type rice milling equipment, and delivers superior husking and milling performance compared to a conventional machine. The husking and milling of parboiled rice by this machine is also feasible.

Furthermore, the significant cost reduction compared to the conventional machine was achieved. By adopting an optional product system which is easier to use in various countries, the conveniently low price was realized.


Kanryu Rice Husking & Milling Machine Skeleton A-1 features

  • Two types of power source (Motor and Engine) are available.
  • All of the motor, the engine, the power source base and cyclone separators for husk and bran, etc. are optional products.
  • The stoner which works with this rice husking and milling machine, is added to the product lineup concerning rice milling.
  • The stoner includes a sorting board for long grain rice, and equips a simple broken rice sorter as standard.
  • For further improvement of performance of this husking and milling machine, it is strongly recommended to use stoner together.


Model Name A-1
Performance 110 kg/h
Husking Impact method by impeller
Milling Friction method
Milling degree Stepless adjustment
Paddy hopper capacity 27 kg
Brown rice hopper capacity 14 kg
Motor output 2.2 kW(3PS) or higher
Engine output 3.0 to 4.8 kW (4 to 6.5 PS)
Dimensions of main unit 840 x 700 x 1280 mm (W x D x H)
Main unit weight 94 kg
Bran removal Suction fan system
Equipment Engine
Power source base
Cyclone separators for husk and bran


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