Kanryu Integrated Rice Huller & Miller for Short and Long Grain VSRH1562E

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It is a best-selling machine from Kanryu Industries Co.,Ltd. which has a history of over 90 years in Japan. 

Efficient sorting of rice husk and bran enables effective utilization. It is small in size and therefore ideal for use in villages in regions where rice is grown and for individual farmers.

The use of an impeller removal system leads to a high yield (90 to 99%). It is possible to do step-less adjustment of the rice milling ratio with the dial.


  • This Rice Huller & Miller can process with long grain rice (indica rice).
  • This high-performance hulling-fan method can achieve hulling efficiencies of higher than 90 to 99%.
  • This hulling process is providing the excellent sorting of the hulled rice into brown rice and rice husks.
  • The Hulled Rice Discharge Chute at the back of the machine allows the hulled brown rice to be directly collected.
  • The integrated milling process is sorting the hulled brown rice into white rice and rice bran.
  • The improved milling process results in long grain rice with minimum breakage risk.
  • The machine is performing low-temperature milling process due to the use of hollow roll and powerful fan.
  • An one-easy-step feature to change the Air Volume Regulation Panel and Net without any tools.
  • Made in Japan


  • Efficiency: 150 kg/hour
  • Single-phase 220V / 1.5kW
  • Made in Japan


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