Iwama Miracle Power Blade WM Type Weed Trimmer Brush Cutter Blade (50 pcs pack)

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  • Since there is no grass entanglement, the sweep of the brush cutter that cuts the grass is smooth.
  • Also suitable for rechargeable brush cutters (Battery lasts a long time)
  • Less scattering of stones etc. (Stones do not fly far away during mowing work.)
  • For use at low speed rotation , there is no tension, it is less tiring, and it also leads to a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Considering safety, it does not damage the base of the main body, and only a part of the blade is damaged.
  • The original Iwama Shiki blades.


  • Diameter:  230mm (9 inch) / 255mm (10 inch)
  • Number of teeth: 27P / 30P
  • Thickness: 1.2mm

Note) Applicable to straight shaft weed trimmers with 25.4mm (1 inch) arbor.


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