Iwama Miracle Power Blade W-Slit WMR Type Weed Trimmer Brush Cutter Blade (50 pcs pack)

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  • The slit has been changed from 1 to 2 slits, greatly improving shock absorption.
  • Soft and light sharpness when used at low speed, good swing through dense undergrowth, less flying stones.
  • Good fuel efficiency and the sharpness of the original Iwama Shiki WM type has been further improved, and the weight has also been reduced.
  • In addition, the W slit effect absorbs the impact caused by contact between the cutting edge and hard foreign objects such as stones and gravel during use.
  • It is durable and economical enough to cut weeds for a long time.


  • Diameter:  230mm (9 inch) / 255mm (10 inch)
  • Number of teeth: 27P / 30P
  • Thickness: 1.05mm

Note) Applicable to straight shaft weed trimmers with 25.4mm (1 inch) arbor.


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