High Speed 6-Row Seeding and Fertilizing Tractor Attachment NTP-6AFP

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This is a high-speed and general-purpose seeding and fertilizing implement used by attaching to a tractor.

It is designed for wide range of crops. The implement can be used in both plowed and unplowed fields.


  • High-speed operation at a maximum operating speed of 8 km/h.
  • It works in both plowed and unplowed fields.
  • It has two kinds of plates; one is a seed separation plate and the other is a seed release plate. These plates make seeding at high-speed without missing seeds.
  • The plates are easily replaced without using a tool. The plates are applicable to one to two pieces of soybeans as well.
  • The motor of fertilization is synchronized with driving speed. That allows accurate fertilizing operation.
  • The seeding distance can be adjusted at 6 steps by replacing the sprocket.
  • The fertilizing devices are positioned at front and rear sides. The dropping positions are adjustable.
  • Easy adjustment of penetrating pressure into the soil with a lever for each unit.
  • Easy adjustment of seeding depth by simply turning the adjustment screw.
  • Durability has been greatly improved by improving the shape of cultivation parts. Equipped with a slit cleaner to remove clogs.


Rice, wheat, soybean, buckwheat, dent corn, sorghum, grass


Length x width x height (mm) 1660 x 2200 x 1400 1660 x 2540 x 1400
Weight (kg) 820 1000
Hopper capacity (seed) 15 L x 6 15 L x 8
Hopper capacity (fertilizer) 140 L x 2 160 L x 2
Number of rows 6 rows 8 rows
Operation method Double sowing plate structure
Drive system Sowing: driven by ground wheel
Fertilization: driven by a motor synchronized with driving speed
Row distance 30 cm (fixed)
Sowing distance (cm) 14 / 16.5 / 18.5 / 20 / 22 / 23.5 (6 steps)

Sowing distance adjustment

By replacing sprockets
Working speed 0 to 8 km/h
Type of tractor hitch Standard 3-point hitch
(Category I and II)
Standard 3-point hitch
(Category II)
Tractor horsepower 60 to 100 PS or more 80 to 100 PS or more
Work efficiency 50 to 60 a/h 70 to 80 a/h

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