HARAX Manual Mulch Layer PT-1350

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You can do the troublesome digging and covering the soil at the same time before and after mulching.

The specially designed wheels pulls and holds the mulch down, and the discs covers plastic mulch with the soil.


  • Applicable plastic mulch width is 80 to 135 cm.
  • Require two persons operation.
  • Made of aluminum and lightweight, it is easy to change ridges and move.
  • You can check the level with a leveler, so you can work stably.
  • It is for flat bed only.
  • To prevent the discs from floating, place soil or a plastic bottle on top of the main unit.


Question from a French customer
I'm interested by the HARAX Manual Mulch Layer PT-1350. I can see in the description that the max width is 135cm. Can we make it a bit larger to use mulch which is 140cm?

Our answer
Yes, the HARAX PT-1350 can be used for mulch sheets up to 150 cm (59 inch) wide by removing the next 2 bolts. However, the durability is a little lower. We hope you can reinforce it as needed.

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