HARAX Corn Beans Peas Seeding Stick TM-800

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  • Seeds can be sown continuously while walking.
  • Its 560g lightweight design reduces the burden on the body.
  • The lid opens and closes naturally due to the action of the ground plate, it can sow seeds quickly and reliably without the need to operate a lever.
  • Since the height of the grounding plate can be adjusted, the depth of seeding is constant and the growth is uniform.
  • If the soil quality is good, it is possible to cover the soil by changing the grounding plate.


  1. Drop seeds in the hopper and stick the tip into the ground diagonally.
  2. When tilted towards the walking direction, the tip opens due to the action of the ground plate and the seeds fall.
  3. If you pull it out as it is, the tip will close.


  • Length: 80 to 110 cm
  • Weight: 560 g
  • Seed diameter: Up to 15 mm
  • Efficiency: 1500 seeds/hour (depending on soil conditions)

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