HARAX Aluminum 4 Wheels Push Cart Type Farm Platform RA-200

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A vegetable harvesting cart that passes over the raised soil bed.

It is also useful as a workbench or for transporting cargo during planting work.


  • The height and tire width can be adjusted, so you can work according to the field.
  • A maximum of seven 20kg containers can be placed. (maximum payload is 150kg)
  • The length of the cargo platform is 92 cm, so it can be easily handled.
  • By rearranging, the width of the cargo platform can be set wider than the width of the wheels, so more crops can be loaded and it is convenient for loading and unloading from the left and right.


  RA-100 RA-200
Wheel type TR-20X1.75TP TR-26X1.95T
Wheel diameter 20 inch 26 inch
Wheel track 85 to 175 cm 115 to 175 cm
Platform height 76 to 96 cm 84 to 104 cm
Platform length 92 cm
Platform width 107 to 167 cm
Loading capacity 150 kg
Weight 19.2 kg 21.6 kg

By re-assembling the supports and wheels, 4 wheel distances are available.

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