Gibberellin Sprayer with Small Cup for Seedless Grape

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Never waste the gibberellin  liquid anymore!

Set the cup on a grape and just one shot!

Extra liquid go back to the tank!

Get the cool Gibberellin injector!

The cups variations.

How it works?

1. Put it over to one grape, and spray to it.

2. Then the extra liquid will retturn to the tank again passing a filter of the cup.

3. This makes it possible to use the liquid again and again, and this routine saves gibberellin liquid.

It keeps the same effect to full up a cup with gibberellin liquid. As it keeps the cup virtually empty, it won't spill up the liquid when you tilt the cup or let the grape in the cup.
That means you can save the gibberellin liquid.

It makes the gibberellin treatment easier and helps you to save the time for the task.
Shoulder belt comes with,and it's useful for women and children.
Price is much cheaper than the machine with air compressor.

The Newest type is even more useful
Newest model has also a waist belt to reduce the stress on your shoulder.
It has a hand switch on the bottom of the cup.  The Clear color tank makes it easy to check the rest of the liquid.

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