Garlic Ridging & Mulch Layering Attachment for Tractor

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This Attachment makes ridges and layers plastic mulch over the ridges to make perfect beds for planting garlic.

This Garlic Ridging & Mulch Layering machine is attached to a tractor that has 18 to 34 PS power, especially suitable to a tractor with variable speed.

The Attachment is attachable to three-point hitch.


This Garlic Ridging & Mulch Layering Attachment makes good shaped straight ridges. It is good for planting and growing garlic plants equally. It is also beneficial for layering plastic mulch precisely.

The Attachment presses the soil down and makes ridges flat. The ridges will keep the flat-shape even after being covered by heavy snow. It will prolong the effect of herbicide.

The Attachment is equipped with a roller to change plastic mulch. It helps to change heavy and long plastic mulch easily.


Model Name BS124CNMD
Length (mm) 1750
Width (mm) 1700
Height (mm) 1000
Weight (kg) 250
Horsepower of
attachable tractor 

18 to 34
(The external width of rear wheels should be smaller than 1550 mm.)

Type of tractor hitch Three-point hitch

Ridge Shape

A ridge forms mountain like shape on top considering the drainage.

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