Furrow Opener for Paddy Field

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Water control is one of the most important cares in rice farm.

This Furrow Opener was engineered for irrigation for rice.

You will find why this Furrow Opener is very popular in Japan where rice is the most popular crops in the country.

By controlling water with Furrow Opener, you will get better quality rice and higher yield in the time of harvest.


  • Riding-type Furrow Opener makes straight and deep furrow by pressuring with opening blade.
  • You can ride stably this Furrow Opener even in high-humid paddy field.



Model Name NTH-1
Dimension (mm) 1340 x 510 x 995
Weight (kg) 22.5
Wheel Diameter (mm) 600
Wheel number of revolution (rpm) 30
Operation Speed (m/sec) 0.8
Field Efficiency (a/h) 60
Furrow Width (mm) 210
Furrow Depth (mm) 110

PACKING DIMS: 110x 42x 80 CM
V/W: 75 KG

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