Kubota Fully automatic vegetable transplanter Riding Type 2 Rows SKP-200 for Planting Leaf Vegetable

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Fully automatic 2 rows simultaneous planting riding type

The operator can work while riding on the machine, which reduces the burden on the legs and back and reduces fatigue even after long hours of work.
Fully automatic operation from seedling removal to planting of two rows at the same time greatly improves work efficiency.

Large-capacity spare seedling bed

Twelve seedling trays can be loaded at a time for longer continuous operation. It can also be folded compactly for transportation.

An additional 10 seedling trays can be loaded by attaching an optional spare seedling stand.

Ground level monroe / Hydraulic automatic lifting and lowering

Detects unevenness of the swell and differences between the left and right sides of the swell and automatically tilts the planting unit to correct its position. The planting unit automatically raises and lowers according to the height of the swell to ensure a constant depth and clean planting.

Spacing Adjustment

The distance between rows can be adjusted in 7 steps of 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 66 cm.

Long seedling bed with side brake device

Two seedling trays can be loaded on each side. A side brake device is provided to prevent seedling trays from slipping off.


・Dims: 325x 152x 242 cm
・N/W: 685 Kg


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