FRESH VEGETABLES Binding Tape 15 mm x 100 m 160 Rolls 640-VPS-AV15 Purple

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Our Vegetable Binding Machines are incredibly useful when it's time to ship your vegetables.

It reduces a lot of time simply by being so versatile. Our Vegetable Binding Machine is ideal for taping all sorts of vegetables such as leeks, celery, radishes and burdock.

The best part, the simple structure of the Vegetable Binding Machine doesn't require any special maintenance, making it a reliable and durable machine that will last for years to come.


  • For bundling vegetables such as Spinach, Leeks, Asparagus, Turnips and more.
  • Strong adhesion in a joint pasting method.
  • It does not stick to vegetables and fruits.
  • Use with Vegetable binding machines. (Sold separately)
  • 2 color variation: Purple, Green
  • 2 size variation: 15 mm x 100 m, 20 mm x 100 m
  • Plain type: 640-V-15P
  • We can print original logos or vegetable names on these tape. Please feel free to contact us.


Model Name 640-VPS-AV15
Dimension  15 mm x 100 m
Thickness 0.062 mm
Elongation 188 %
Color Purple
Printed Character 新鮮やさい FRESH VEGETABLES


Rubber adhesive


160 rolls

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