Taisho Fertilizer Spreader Attachment Grand Sower UX-140F

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An excellent tool to attach to the tractor to spray fertilizer.


Feeding part open mechanism

High-speed discharge of fertilizer remaining in the hopper. 

Switch BOX and cord are easily split.

Installation and removal have been simplified.

Hopper remaining seal

You can check the remaining amount of fertilizer at a glance.

Ridge jumping mechanism [Exclusive for F type]

The diffuser at the tip jumps up. It is possible to move over ridges and between fields without worrying about the ground height.

* Depending on the conditions, it is not possible to jump up in all cases.

One-touch hopper funnel

It can be easily attached and detached without tools, and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Equipped with a stand

It can be easily attached to and detached from the tractor, and can be stored separately.


Model Name UX-140F
Hopper capacity (L) 140
Weight (kg) 91
Motor DC12V 20W
Number of motor 2
Maximum spray rate (m)

Granular: 2.4

granular: 2.2

Number of hoses 8
Spray amount 20-150kg/10a (30 min)
Adaptive tractor 30-75PS-
Use for

Granulation: (2-4mm)

Sandy: Calcium silicate, Soluble phosphoric acid, Soil conditioner

Organic pellets (Requires a large application roll of optional items)

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