Farm Weed Control Fabric Sheet White 100m Roll

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This is a woven fabric with high light reflection and heat shielding effects.

Proprietary white thread achieves higher sunlight reflectance than conventional black fabric.

It is designed with a special thread to diffusely reflect light, making it easier for the light to hit the crops more beautifully than straight light.

This sheet is recommended for those who want to use sunlight efficiently, or who want to block sunlight and heat.


  • The weed barrier suppresses the growth of weeds and pests from the soil.
  • It can be used inside and outside the vinyl greenhouse for agriculture.
  • By layering it on the ground, it increases the amount of light that hits the crops, contributing to the promotion of photosynthesis and the coloring of the fruits.


  • Inside greenhouses and fruit tree farm.
  • Used on the ground and in greenhouses for strawberries and tomatoes
  • Used under apple, peach and grape fruit trees, under flowering plants
  • Used as an outdoor heat shield material for greenhouses

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