Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle Head FS-70

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Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle Head is used for plants on the ground and the height.

The Nozzle Head has a heating function and a flowmeter.


  • The Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle Head applies electrostatic theory. The sprayed liquid will be attracted to crops.
  • The Nozzle Head has a heating function and prevents wetting and condensation to avoid short-circuit.
  • Both horizontal and vertical spraying are possible by adjusting and rotating the angle of each nozzle.
  • The Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle Head sprays widely by turning it downward.
  • The Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle is used by connecting to a powered sprayer (the pressure at the connection needs to be 2 to 3 MPa).
  • The Electrostatic Spraying Nozzle sprays liquid to back of plants by electrostatic. It is expected to reduce 30% of agrochemicals comparing to common spraying.
  • A flowmeter displays the amount of instantaneous flow and total flow.
  • The amount of agrochemicals sprayed to human body is almost equivalent to the usual methods.
    Note) Please use the eye-protection and mask when you use.


Accessories: hose belt, shoulder band, earth wire, hose pulling band, cyclone cleaner, nozzle board 3pcs (diameter 1.5 mm).

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