Edamame Harvesting Machine Tractor Mounted Type

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Edamame Harvesting Machine Tractor Mounted Type is a high performance and high power edamame (green soybeans) harvesting machine for large farm.



  • Tractor mounted type.
    This Edamame Harvesting Machine is easily mounted on a tractor. By being mounted on your tractor, the Edamame Harvesting Machine will harvest edamame powerfully.  The Edamame Harvesting Machine will be loaded on a truck by folding it using oil pressure cylinder.
  • Edamame pod harvesting function.
    The Edamame Harvesting Machine harvests and loads edamame pods by using conveyor. The special blades are designed for reducing damages to edamame pods.
  • Sorting function.
    The Edamame Harvesting Machine has a blower and roller conveyors that sort leaves and pods efficiently.


Model Number GTH-1
Type Tractor Mounted Type
Adaptable Tractor Weight: Heavier than 1500 kg
Width: Width of rear wheels: smaller than 1600 mm
Output Power: 25.0 to 37.0 kw (34 to 50 PS)
Mounting Method Link: 3 points link JIS (ISO) Type-1 Coupler: Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturer's Association Corporation's standard auto hitch S coupler (not included)
Power Source POT from rear part of tractor
Standard input revolution per minutes (PTO) 540 rpm
Dimension (when operating) Length: 2650 mm x Width: 2500 mm x Height: 1180 mm
Dimension (when stored) Length: 1550 mm x Width: 1750 mm x Height: 1650 mm
Weight 500 kg
Pod Harvesting Part Harvesting width: 600 mm
Driving: Oil pressure motor
Sorting Part Leaf sorting: blower
Stem sorting: roller conveyor
Conveyor Method Conveyor Type
Safety Uphill Angle 15 degree (backward)
Efficiency 5 a/h (It depends on type of edamame and field conditions.)
Standard Operation Speed 0.7 km/h (it varies depending on type of edamame, weather, field conditions.)
Oil Tank Capacity 24 L
Standard Field Conditions
The Number of Rows 1 to 2 rows
Ridge Width Less than 700 mm
Ridge Distance 800 to 1300 mm
Ridge Height Lower than 200 mm

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