Edamame Harvester Self-Propelled Type

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Edamame Harvester harvests only edamame (green soybean) pods from stems.

The Edamame Harvester has patent spiral blades that harvest edamame pods efficiently.


  • The Edamame Harvester will reduce labors to pull out and transport edamame pods and stems to workplace.
  • The Edamame Harvester self-drives and continually harvests edamame pods. It will reduce working time including sorting less than half.
  • The Edamame Harvester is designed for safety operation and convenience of operators.
  • The Edamame Harvester is waterproofed (with light mist or rain only).
  • The Edamame Harvester is high-efficient harvester with 2 to 4 a/h efficiency. It will drastically reduce labor and worktime.


Model Number GH-4
Engine Air-cooling 4-cycle gasoline
Rated output: 6.0 ps / 4,000 rpm
Shifting Method Main Shifting: HST forward and backward step-less shift (Auxiliary Shift Mechanism: 2 shifts)
Driving Speed Driving: 0 to 1,200 mm/s
Operation Speed: 100 to 250 mm/s (actual)
Pod Harvesting Method Harvesting pods without stems by slanted spiral blades
Dimension Length 2,900 x Width 1,000 x Height 1,650 mm
Weight 280 kg
Efficiency 2 to 4 a/hour (by one to two persons)

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