DAYTONA Power Cultivator Link Suspension DC2S

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A unique mini cultivator produced by a Japanese motorcycle manufacture DAYTONA.

For the first time, the suspension used in motorcycles and cars is mounted on a tiller, eliminating the disadvantages of conventional mini-cultivators.

The machine does not bounces around during work, making it easy to handle, and that you can plow deeply as you want.

Thanks to the suspension effect, even women who are not strong enough can dig deep, can make soft and best soil for gardens and farms.


Why is it possible to dig up the soil so powerfully and so deeply?

The link-type suspension allows the power from the handle to be efficiently transmitted to the main unit, making it possible for the blades (tillage claws) to dig deep into the ground. Even hard soil can be plowed without splashing.

Why is it that even women can dig deep?

By attaching a link to the suspension, it is possible to utilize the principle of leverage and assist the force that pushes the vehicle against the ground.

You can create soft soil by digging deeply without using a lot of force.

Why is there so little vibration transmitted to the hand?

Vibration has been successfully reduced by suspension and bike handlebar grips.

How large an area can be cultivated?

Suitable for fields up to 330 sq meters.

Continuous tillage for about 60 minutes is possible.

The tillage width is 57 cm.


Length 1,090 mm
Width 475 mm
Height 90 mm
Weight 25 kg
Engine type Air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder OHV
Total displacement 49.4 ㎤
Continuous rated output/rpm 1.1 [1.5]/4,600 (kW[PS]/rpm)
Maximum output/rpm 1.6 [2.2]/7,000 (kW[PS]/rpm)
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank capacity 0.6 L
Ignition method Transistor magneto ignition
Starting method Manual recoil starter

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