Custom Made 4-Row Sweet Potato Transplanter KP100E-70PBL




Customized Sweet Potato Transplanter combined 4 units of Sweet Potato Transplanters KP100E-70PBL.


  • It requires more than 70 HP tractor.
  • Various type of hitch are available. Please contact us.


The following specifications are based on a single unit of KP100E-70PBL.

Adaptation row for each model

Unit: cm


2 types to choose from [NEW]

70PBL is a “ship-bottom-shaped planting Ewhere there is little interference between potatoes, and good shape potatoes can be easily obtained.

70PSDBL is capable of “diagonal planting Ethat limits the number of potatoes, promotes hypertrophy, and enables harvesting in a short time.

Unit: cm


From short to long seedlings [NEW]

The insertion length of the seedling can be easily adjusted by the length switching lever.


Reliable planting with stable insertion length [NEW]

The unique clamping type planting claw enables reliable planting with a stable insertion length. Suitable for both multi shheet and bare ground.


Follow the ridges with guide rollers [NEW]

The ridge follower is good due to the hydraulic interlocking ridge guide roller. Operators can concentrate on seedling supply operations.

When turning, the guide roller automatically rises at the same time as the aircraft, making it easy to turn.


Hydraulic ridge height automatic tracking (automatic mechanism)

The height of the ridge is detected, and the aircraft is automatically controlled to move up and down hydraulically according to a slight level difference. Can be planted at a certain depth.

Flat ground


Manual leveling [NEW]

Even if the aircraft slips on a sloping ground, you can adjust the tilt of the aircraft with the lever at hand, so you can plant stably in the center of the ridge.



Promote dressing with moderate pressure [NEW]

After inserting the seedlings, tap them one by one from the top of the soil in the same way as hand planting. Prevents cavitation and promotes survival.


Transfer seedlings reliably [NEW]


The continuous belt-type seedling supply unit can reliably transport long seedlings.


Folding seedling stand [NEW]

Can be equipped with 3 containers and auxiliary seedling basket.

When not in use, it can be folded for compact storage.



One-touch stand [NEW]

The parking stand has been changed from the conventional pin method to the one-touch method. The stand can be taken in and out easily and quickly.

Image of the stand extended and stored


Centralized control lever at hand

Planting and raising / lowering the aircraft can be easily performed with a single lever.


One-touch adjustment of planting depth and strain

Depending on the type of seedling, planting depth and switching between stocks can be done easily.

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