Anti Crow Nylon Monofilament Thread Black 0.33 mm x 3000 m

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Anti Crow string to protect crops from crow attack.

Adopting a black 0.33 mm thin monofilament string, the black monofilament is difficult to see even when exposed to light, and has the effect of making the crow's vision look worse.

Crows feel fear and run away if the feather, which is their vital spot, hits the thread. 


  • Anti-bird thread for birdproofing in fields and verandas.
  • Use in Garden, Vegetable field, Rice field.
  • 3 size variation: 300 m, 1000 m, 3000 m
  • 2 color variation: Black, Clear


Model Number ANTB-NS3000
Dimension 0.33 mm x 3000 m
Color Black

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