YAMAHO Round Nozzle 50 152249 N-KA-6SYR G1/4 1-nozzle Type-S

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Round nozzles are nozzles developed specifically for Roundup® spraying.

Fog with a spray angle of about 110 ° mixed with fan-shaped air can be sprayed in small quantities (25~50L / 10a).

Since the sprayed part turns white, you can prevent unsprayed parts.

A lock cap is used to prevent the screws from loosening. (Patented product)


  • Pesticide spray nozzle for power sprayers
  • To save pesticides
  • Equable spraying


Nozzle  N-KA-6SYR
Average Drop Size (μm) 750 (0.7MPa)
Pressure Range (MPa) 0.5 to 1.0

Code No. 15 22 49
Product Name YAMAHO Round Nozzle 50 152249 N-KA-6SYR G1/4 1-nozzle Type-S
Coverage Approx 80 cm
Flow Rate

0.51 L/min (1.0MPa)

Length/Weight 5.8cm / 18g
Adapter G1/4

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