YAMAHO Kirinashi (Ultra Low-Drift) ZOOM Boom Sprayer 141276 N-KZV-20 G1/4 S 70

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Covers a wide range of targets, both nearand far, with excellent drift control.

Lightweight body reduces workload; ideal foruse in both orchards and vegetable fields.

Produces an air-assisted spray with minimal drift. Spray can be applied easily onto both near and far targets -- switching between the two can be done easily at the grip. It also features a lightweight aluminium body, so that less physical strength will be required for operation, leading to higher efficiency. To prevent loosening, the lock cap was adopted.


  • KIRINASHI (Ultra Low-Drift) ZOOM Boom Sprayer
  • To save pesticides
  • Drift-reducing


Nozzle # N-KZV-20
Average Drop Size (μm) 380?`710?i1.5MPa?j
Pressure Range (MPa) 1.0?`1.5

Code No. 14 12 76
Product Name Kirinashi (Ultra Low-Drift) ZOOM Boom Sprayer S 70

5.8-7.2 l/min?i1.5MPa?j

Maximum Spray Reach approx. 4-9 m
Coverage approx. 15-80cm
Spray Angle (1.5MPa) approx. 15-70°
Length/Weight 70cm?E400g
Adapter G1/4

# Coverage as of 1m from nozzle head

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