Sweet Potato Transplanters

Are you tired of planting lots of sweet potatoes by hands? We have a best solution for you.

It is a Sweet Potato Semi-Automatic Transplanter.

Our semi-automatic transplanters are designed especially for planting sweet potato.

We are going to explain our line-up of sweet potato transplanters and its differences between models in this page.

Sweet Potato Transplanters

We have three models of Sweet Potato Transplanters manufactured by Kubota.

70PBL is a shallow planting type transplanter that is little interference between sweet potatoes. If you need less yield but good shape crops, this is the transplanter for you. For non-processed sweet potato.

70PSDBL and 70PSMBL are deep planting types that limit the number of potatoes, promotes hypertrophy. If you prefer harvesting in a short time, these two transplanters are suitable. For processed sweet potato.

Demonstration Video

For sweet potato farmers

Sweet potato is very popular and common vegetables here in Japan as well as in any other countries. Normally, medium to large farm owners have one of these semi-automatic transplanters for planting.

We are receiving many inquiries about the sweet potato transplanters and have shipped some of those transplanters to our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the transplanters.

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