SHOWA 282 Thermal Breathable Glove (5 pairs set)

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Waterproof yet breathable, SHOWA 282 uses thermal insulation and our state-of-the-art TemRes® technology to keep hands warm, dry and well-protected in cold climates for optimal comfort and performance.


  • Insulated Armor
  • Seamless knit nylon and insulated acrylic liner
  • Breathable Polyurethane coating
  • Ergonomic design hand mould that replicates the natural curvature of human hand
  • High level of handling precision and optimal grip
  • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin
  • Fixed insulated acrylic liner
  • Waterproof TEM•RES® technology
  • For Agriculture, Fishing, Snow removal, Food industry, Winter sports.

Soft even in cold environments

Made of polyurethane, it maintains flexibility even in an environment of -60 ° C, and the bending and stretching of the hands is smooth.

Thin, light and hard to get tired

Made of polyurethane that has both moisture permeability and waterproofness.

Because it is thin and light, it is less tired and excellent in workability.

Inside is a soft bore brushed

It has soft bore on the inside to enhance warmth.


Waterproof but moisture escapes

We adopt special material which has breathability and waterproofness.

By releasing moisture such as sweat to the outside of the glove, it reduces the stuffiness during work.



Model Name Thermal Breathable All coated Glove
Model Number 282
Material (Resin part) Polyurethane
Material (fiber part)

Outer: Nylon Polyurethane

Inner: Acrylic Polyurethane, Others

Quantity 5 pair
Size M

Body: Blue

Hem: Red


Size Color Dimension JAN
Body Hem Length



M Blue Red 27.0 cm 21.5 cm 7.8 cm 4901792039055
L Blue Green 27.5 cm 24.5 cm 7.8 cm 4901792039062
LL Blue Brown 28.0 cm 26.5 cm 8.3 cm 4901792039079
3L Blue Red 30.0 cm 28.0 cm 8.7 cm 4901792039086

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