Iseki Combine Straw Cutter Blade 220 x 26 [Oblique Tooth] [10 Pcs]

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Iseki combine straw cutter blade.
[Product specifications] Size 220 x 26, Oblique tooth
[Applicable model]
HL-220S.225S.227S.250.255.257 (Number of sheets used 12)
HL- (Number of sheets used 6)
HL-357.400.407.450.457.500. 507 (Number of sheets used 6)
HJ-575.675.682 (Number of sheets used 8)
HA- (Number of sheets used 5)
HA-333.336.433.436.438.440.441 (Number of sheets used 5)
HA-442.448. 560.580 (Number of sheets used 5)
HJ-590.698 (Number of sheets used 5)

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