YAMAHO Sector Spray Strawberry Saver Nozzle 121332 N-Y45-SM440 G1/4

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Fine and soft fog is perfect for pest control.

Adhesion to the back of the leaves has been greatly improved.

Widely supports various bench widths and ridge widths.

The arch type reduces spraying loss.


  • Sector Spray Strawberry Saver Nozzle
  • To save pesticides


Nozzle #

SMY type chip: N-Y45-SM440

New wide angle spray plate: NN-D-35S

Average Drop Size (μm) 45 to 55 (1.5MPa)
Pressure Range (MPa) 1.0 to 1.5

Code No. 12 13 32
Product Name

Sector Spray Nozzle for Green Onion


4.0 l/min (1.0MPa)

4.9 l/min (1.5MPa)

Length approx. 80 to 120cm 
Height approx. 50 to 45cm 
Weight 680g
Adapter G1/4

It can be used for various purposes and sizes, such as raising seedlings, early planting, after planting, harvesting season, wide ridge.

More convenient with options such as nozzles, shoulder belts, and extension tubes.

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