YANMAR Combine Chain Raising Chain 140L 10N ASSY 140 Frames 10 Tines


Sonderpreis¥19,656 JPY


This is a chain for a combine harvester.
There are 140 frames on the chain. There are 10 tines.
* Depending on the model, there are models where 144 frames and 140 frames are mixed.
It is an important part for preparing the rice and wheat transport posture in the cutting part.
If the tines attached to the chain are missing or worn or the
chain is loose, the uncut and the transfer posture will deteriorate.
Product specifications
YANMAR Trigger Chain 140L 10N ASSY
Compatible with more than 3 cuts.
Cannot be installed with 2-saw cutting.
* Please check the length as it depends on the mounting model.
* Kubota, YANMAR, Iseki, and other chains
are available.

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