YAMAHO Kirinashi (Ultra Low-Drift) Light Zoom Sprayer LD-30 141300 N-KZV-20 G1/4

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This is a pistol type zoom nozzle for power sprayers.

Produces a flat fan spraying pattern - ideal for fruits and vegetables on bushes. Miminal drift keeps impact to adjacent areas to a minimum.

By turning the adjustment knob, it is easy to adjust the long distance (narrow angle spray) and the short distance (wide angle spray) and spray efficiently.


  • Kirinashi (Ultra Low-Drift) Light Zoom Sprayer LD-30
  • To save pesticides
  • Drift-reducing
  • With the handle lock mechanism, continuous spray can be easily fixed and released with one hand. (Patented product)
  • Body is made of metal, it has excellent durability.


Nozzle # N-KZV-20
Average Drop Size (μm) 380 to 710 (1.5MPa)
Pressure Range (MPa) 1.0 to 1.5

Code No. 14 13 00
Product Name Kirinashi (Ultra Low-Drift) Light Zoom Sprayer LD-30

5.8 to 7.2 L/min (1.5MPa)

Reach Distance 

approx. 4 to 9 m (1.5MPa)

Coverage approx. 15 to 70cm
Length/Weight 23cm / 460g
Adapter G1/4

# Coverage as of 1 m from nozzle head.

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