NISHIGAKI Pro 200 Leaf Cutting Shears 150mm Blade N-208

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The Nishigaki Pro 200 series boasts top class lightness as a pruning shears.

It is a product that is widely loved by both general users and professionals.

Blades made of high-grade cutlery steel have excellent sharpness and durability, and give a feeling of use of springs.

It is a pair of scissors that meets all the elements required for sharpness and functionality, such as a stopper that can be stored.


  • The blade uses hard chrome plating that is resistant to tar and rust.
  • The cutting edge is mirror-finished to achieve a smooth sharpness with good bite.
  • It is difficult for sap to adhere and pruning work can be done smoothly.
  • The handle uses a lightweight aluminum handle.
  • Comes with a guard to help protect your hands and prevent them from falling.


Product number N-208
Full length 300mm
Blade length 150mm
Weight 270g

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