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Automatic and Manual Vegetable Transplanters

Vegetable Transplanters are classified in two categories: automatic and manual transplanters.

We have both automatic and manual vegetable transplanters designed for various kinds of vegetables.

In this page, we are going to introduce some of our vegetable transplanters for you.

Automatic Vegetable Transplanters

We have wide range of vegetable transplanters from Minoru. Their machines are gaining popularity around the world, especially Minoru Onion Transplanters.

MINORU INDUSTRIAL Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer established in 1945 in Okayama, Japan. MINORU INDUSTRIAL Co.,Ltd. has been manufacturing a variety of farm machines and equipment, such as rice planters, vegetable transplanters, seeding machines, harvesting machines, spray nozzles, farming machineries.

We have 2 rows Transplanters designed for a variety of vegetables.

We have Onion Transplanters as well. Their high-efficient Onion Transplanters are getting popular in the world.

OPT40 is a 4 rows Onion Transplanter. The video is going to describe how wonderfully it transplants onions.

If you are interested in other Vegetable Transplanters, please see the Transplanters page.

Manual Vegetable Transplanters

Paper Pot Transplanter is an authentic manual transplanter for variety of vegetables and flowers by using Paper Chain Pots. The Paper Pot Transplanter is a popular product among small farmers around the world. It grooves, ditches and transplants just by pulling it backwards along the ridges. This is a simple but powerful transplanter made in Japan.

The Paper Pot Transplanter makes it possible to plant 264 cells (with a standard Paper Chain Pot) in a few minutes. The Transplanter will make a furrow by pulling into the soil bed. After seedlings are growing up, put a sheet of Chain Pot contains seedlings on the transplanter and bury the end of the Paper Chain Pot in the ground. The seedlings will be planted in a line, and the wheels at the end will press down the soil to complete planting.

Understanding Vegetable Transplanter Specifications

Automatic transplanters are high performance machines with complicated specifications.

It is very important to verify that the machine will work in your farm correctly.

For example, Minoru Riding Onion Transplanter 4 Rows OPT40H plants onions as described in the chart below.

We are uploading as much information as possible, however, if you are not sure about details, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to find an answers and a solution for you.

Transplanter Ridge Size

Please note that the prices may vary. Please make sure the latest prices before you place an order.

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