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Rice Mill Machine and Rice Huller

After years of development, Japanese rice mill machines have been improved.

Our office is located in the middle of rice farming area in Japan, and Rice Mill Machines are very familiar for us.

In this page, we are going to make a brief introduction about Rice Milling Machines and Rice Huller products.

You will get an idea about rice milling process and the differences between rice machines.

Rice Milling Process

First of all, let us explain the process of getting white rice.

Rice Milling Process

After harvesting rice, unhulled rice is harvested by using a rice harvester aka combine. The harvester will separate rice from its stem.

After packing the unhulled rice in rice bags, it will be hulled by a rice huller. A rice huller removes rice husks (chaff) and other foreign matters. By processing through the rice huller, brown rice will be collected.

Then, brown rice will go through rice polishing machines and the bran will be removed.

Use other related machines and supplies, such as rice destoners, sorting machines, rice checkers and rice bags.

Rice Milling Machines

Rice Milling Machines are divided into several classes by its processes; Rice Huller, Polisher, Dryer, Destoner and Sorter / Scale. Some machines are able to operate multiple functions.

Rice Huller

Rice Huller precisely separates chaffs from un-hulled rice.

Some of our Rice Hullers have a roller-less feature that operates without any annoying adjustments. It separates 98% of husks from the rice because it is designed to avoid wasting the harvested rice.

Rice huller

The higher grade models have the optical sensors which automatically control the angle of the sorting boards. This feature makes it possible to run continuously without stopping when loading different sizes of rice one after the other.

Japanese farm equipment is designed to consider farmers' environment. The Rice Huller sends the dust through the exhaust filter that cleans the dust in order to keep your workplace always clean.

We have a lot of Rice Milling Machines with a variety of sizes and functions. Please visit our Rice category to see all of the rice farming equipment.

Rice Destoner / Stone Extracting Machine

It is very common that there are small stones mixed in rice bag after harvest. Small stones might damage the machines in milling process. The Stone Extracting Machine is used to elliminate stones from rice.

Rice Polishing Machine

Our Rice Polishing and Cleaning Machine remove rice bran from brown rice. The Rice Polishing Machine produces white rice, as a result.

Rice Sorting and Scaling Machine

The last process of rice harvest is to scale and pack the white rice in rice bags. The Rice Scaling machine weighs and packs the rice to rice bags efficiently.

Other Rice Supplies

We have several other rice supplies. Let us mention just a few of them.

The Rice Container Bags are used to preserve rice for drying. The Container Bags are called FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), Bulk Bag or Flexible Container Bag as well.

Rice Moisture Meter/Tester is a very famous compact rice moisture meter (tester) made by Oga Electric Co., Ltd. You can judge the best moisture according to the quality of rice. You can show the result of rice quality to buyers, too.

The prices may vary. Please make sure the latest prices before you place an order.

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