Yamamoto Rice and Soybean Color Sorting Machine


Sale price¥2,153,250 JPY



This is a sorting machine for rice, brown rice and soybean by inspecting the color of grains.

The operation efficiency is 150 kg for rice and brown rice, and 100 kg for soybean.

This Color Sorting Machine is powered by single 100 V power source.

It is a low-cost but high-performance machine for wide use.


  • This machine is high precision and high stability as well as low-cost.
  • The Color Sorting Machine doesn't require an air compressor. It is easily used just after installment and plugging to single 100 V power source.


Model Name CLX-153DFM
Length (mm) 940
Width (mm) 620
Height (mm) 1660
Weight (kg) 172
Power (V) Single 100 (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption (W) 380
Processing capacity (kg/h) Brown and white rice: 150
Soybean: 100
Inspection method Line sensor camera x 1
Defect ejection system Flapper ejector
Flow amount adjustment device Vibration feeder
Grain alignment device Roll feeder


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