SATAKE All-in-one Multifunctional Rice Milling Unit CMS05C




Multifunctional rice milling unit equipped with optical sorter SLASH.

The all-in-one rice mills works seamlessly from input to output at maximum efficiency 500 kg/hour.

Ideal for small-lot production at rice mills and direct rice milling for large-scale farmers!

Works for short grain rice only.


  1. Excellent ability to separate foreign matter
    Equipped with an optical sorting machine "SLASH", a near-infrared camera with a new wavelength, and a new LED light source improve the sorting accuracy, and a "piezo valve" reduces the entanglement of non-defective products.
  2. Suitable for small lot production
    With a maximum processing capacity of 500kg/h, it is possible to mill rice from 10kg.
  3. Residual-less structure
    Equipped with a residual rice removal function to solve the problem of contamination.

Equipped with optical sorter SLASH

Since a full-color camera cannot detect transparent or same-color contaminants in the visible light range of wavelengths, near-infrared (NIR) light is used to sort contaminants based on their spectral characteristics (transmission, reflection, etc.).

"SLASH" is equipped with a near-infrared camera with two different wavelengths, improving the accuracy of sorting out foreign substances such as silica gel and transparent resin.

By using a bright LED instead of a CCFL (cold cathode tube) as the light source, the sorting performance of sirata (milky white rice) has been improved without sacrificing the ability to sort colored grains.


Raw material

Short-grain brown rice

Processing efficiency

500 kg/h

Minimum lot


Rice polishing method

Friction method

Required power

Three-phase 200V 9.88kW *1


1,600kg *2

Air volume used

740NL L/min *3


0.7 to 1.0MPa

*1 Separate power is required for the optional elevator, bran transfer fan, dust collector, and weigher (three-phase 200V 0.84kW, single-phase 100V 1.1kW).

*2 Excludes optional equipment.

*3 The amount of air in the rice mill and optical sorter is totaled.

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