SAMURAI Saw High-Branch Series (Wide Set Type) P-C330-LH Curved Blade Coarse 330mm Pitch 4.0mm Pruning Saw


Sale price¥4,273 JPY


It is a saw that does not get used even if it is used a little wildly.
Ideal for those who want a brilliant sharpness.

When cutting high branches, use a wooden stick of the desired length inserted into the handle.
When cutting low branches, this is a saw that can be used by pulling out a stick.
Since the blade with a hook at the tip does not come off the branch when cutting the branch, even amateurs are very easy to use.
Since the saw blade is made thick, even if it is a used little wildly it demonstrates powerful and stable sharpness without bending or breaking.

Blade length: 330mm
Pitch: 4.0mm

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