[Replacement Blade] SAMURAI Saw TAKE BGS-241-SH Straight Blade Extra Fine Blade 240mm Pitch 1.7mm Pruning Saw


Sale price¥2,762 JPY


A saw that was developed for bamboo cutting and used by masters.
The difficulty of cutting bamboo diagonally was solved by accumulating traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

As for the general bamboo saw, the surface of the bamboo is hard, so if you cut it diagonally, the saw blade will slide sideways.
Samurai bamboo saws analyze the skin of the bamboo scientifically.
We have developed a saw blade (teeth) that does not slip even when it is cut diagonally.
Ideal for cutting bamboo, but also ideal for cutting PVC pipes, dry wood, plywood, and thin branches.

Blade length: 240mm
Pitch: 1.7mm

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