Kubota Vegetable Transplanter Power Crawler SKP-101PC-H


Sale price¥2,754,565 JPY



Vegetable Transplanter Power Crawler


Great for slopes

Firmly grips the field. Highly accurate planting is possible without slipping even on sloping ground or soft ground.

Crawler brake

The braking force is improved and the operability when turning is improved.

High ridge support

By changing the mounting position of the lifting connecting rod, the ridge height can be adjusted up to 25 cm.

Seedling picking claw

Improved seedling picking performance and durability.


Easy operation

The operation lever is concentrated at hand.

Clean engine & large capacity fuel tank

Equipped with 4.8L large capacity fuel tank, it is easy to work for a long time. The refueling port is on the front.

Use the rear stand as an empty tray holder

It can also be used as an empty tray holder by raising the rear stand.

LED headlight

Night waork is also sage with the light.

Stand one-touch operation

The front and rear stands can be easily opened and closed with one-touch.


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