Kubota Cassava Planter CP200F


Sale price¥967,150 JPY



Kubota 2-Rows Semi-Automatic Cassava Planter CP200F.

It requires a tractor more than 50 HP.



Fast work, can plant two rows at once

2 rows can be planted at the same time, thereby reducing working time. and can plant cassava more than 20 rai/day

Loading logs for planting 1 rai

A large tank reduces frequent addition of rods. It is designed to carry up to 270 kg of logs.

Its groove has a consistent continuity.

The ridge lifter can form soil beds with maximum width of 107 cm. Comes with a set of plows that help push soil accumulated in the middle. This results in a groove with a height 30 cm and a uniform shape.

It does not damage the buds of the rod.

Specially designed planting kits by using a set of rubber balls cast to reinforce. It is durable and reduces damage to the buds of the rod.

Precision planting

The cutting unit can cut the cultivars continuously and provides consistent planting distance. The average stem length is 25 cm. The average inclination should be less than 15 degrees.

Can choose planting distance between plants

The power transmission unit can change the rate and adjust the planting distance between the plants in many distances from 50 to 80 cm.

Fertilize regularly while planting.

Fertilizer set can release fertilizer continuously, in the amount of 25 and 50 kg/rai.

Safe to work

The tensioned safety bolt nut on the grooving leg reduces damage to the tractor or equipment and is designed for easy replacement.

It can be installed without modifying the tractor.

It can be installed without modifying the tractor. It is designed to be balanced and lightweight therefore working at full efficiency.


Model name CP200F
Planting row 2 rows
Fertilizer Capacity (kg) 50
Fertilizer Consumption (kg) 50
Cutting Cassava Length (mm) 250
Weight (kg) 400
Horse Power 50 HP or more

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