Kamaki 3-Step Telescopic High-Branch Pruning Shears Length 3.0 m No. 1430

KAMAKISKU: 4953699414305

Sale price¥12,486 JPY


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KAMAKI products are made by a Japanese cutting tools manufacture that was established in 1876 based in Hyogo, Japan. Kamaki cutting tools have variety of types, styles and blade materials.

Their principal cutting tools are Shears, Scissors and Saws, Pruning, Pruners, High Branches and Telescopic, Shrub and Hedge Shears, Folding Type, Clipper and Garden Scissors, Lopper and Pistol Type.


  • 1.4 to 3.0m in total length
  • Weight: 1300 g
  • Made in Japan

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