Iwama Miracle Power Blade Number Of Blades 30P WM Type Tip Trimmer Blade Package White [255mm] [1.2mm Thick]

N/ASKU: 4807-2073

Sale price¥2,891 JPY


Iwama Miracle Power Blade
It is a topical Tip Brush Cutter Trimmer Blade that is also featured in agriculture industry newspapers.
-Even when cutting grass on the road, stones and rubble are not bounced off.
-Because there is no entanglement of the grass, the brush cutter that cuts the grass can pass through smoothly.
-Because it is used at low speed, there is no tension and it is hard to get tired, and it also leads to significant reduction in fuel consumption.
-Considering safety, there is no damage to the main body base and only a part of the blade needs to be damaged.
Material: SK-85
Substrate thickness: 1.2mm
Size ---255 x 30P

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