Hasami Masamune / Yoshioka Hamono 260 mm Tailor Scissors White Steel No.304

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The first tailor’s scissors imported to Japan during early Meiji period were re-designed for Japanese, and became RAXA scissors which became the prototype for the modern tailor’s scissors.

This Hasami Masamune tailor’s scissors are forged from Shirogami White paper #2 which allows the blade to maintain its cutting edge for a long time.

The blade hand finished by the blacksmith guarantees a superior cutting edge that can be experienced when cutting fabric.


Shirogami White #1  EMade up of Carbon: 1.25  E1.35%, Manganese: .20 - .30%, Phosphorus: .025%, Sulfur: .004%, Silicon: .10 - .20% Almost identical to Blue #1 steel except for the absence of Chromium and Tungsten, this is a very pure Carbon steel alloy. 

This is very popular steel for high end Japanese cutlery especially in Honyaki blades. Wipe and dry after use to keep them beautifully sharp.


Model Name No.304
Toital Length (mm) 260
Blade Length (mm) 125
Material Shirogami White #1 steel 

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