Hasami Masamune / Yoshioka Hamono 210 mm Tailor Scissors White Steel No.302

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The first tailor’s scissors imported to Japan during early Meiji period were re-designed for Japanese, and became RAXA scissors which became the prototype for the modern tailor’s scissors.

This Hasami Masamune tailor’s scissors are forged from Shirogami White paper #2 which allows the blade to maintain its cutting edge for a long time.

The blade hand finished by the blacksmith guarantees a superior cutting edge that can be experienced when cutting fabric.


Shirogami White #2 steel is made up of

Carbon: 1.05  E1.15%, Manganese: .20 - .30%, Phosphorus: .025%, Sulfur: .004%, Silicon: .10 - .20%

Almost identical to Shiro-ko this alloy has a slightly lower Carbon content.

This is very popular steel for high end Japanese cutlery. 


Model Name No.302
Toital Length (mm) 210
Blade Length (mm) 100
Material Shirogami White #2 steel 

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