TAJIMA DK-BD120 Insulating Material Cutting Scissors

TAJIMASKU: 4975364265821

Sonderpreis¥10,025 JPY



A lineup of electric scissors and knives that support faster, safer, and more reliable work


  • New shape that makes it easy to cut long items and is easy to use
  • Ideal for carpenters who use insulation
  • Elastomer grip that doesn't hurt your hands
  • One-touch lock mechanism that can be easily released with one hand
  • Spring mechanism that can be easily cut with one hand
  • Safety rope mounting holes
  • With a cutting edge case that protects the cutting edge during storage


  • Target of cutting: Glass wool (corresponding to thickness 50 mm), rock wool (corresponding to thickness 50 mm), rubber / sound insulation sheet (corresponding to thickness 1.2 mm), curing panel (corresponding to PP1.5 mm, cushioning material 2 mm) ), Wire mesh (corresponding to zinc-drawn turtle line system 0.4 mm)

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