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Paper Pot Seeding Starter Kit (5 Components)

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Paper Pot System


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What's Paper Pot System?


Paper Pot Seeding Starter Kit will save your labor time.

The Paper Pot Seeding Kit includes everything you need to seed with Paper Chain Pot.


  • Paper Chain Pot Opening Rods (1 pair)
  • Brush
  • Drop Seeder - Hole Diameter 4.5 mm
  • Dibbler - Hole Diameter 12 mm
  • Spreader Frames (5 pcs)


You can prepare seeding trays by 6 steps.

  • Insert Opening Rods to the slots of a Chain Pot at the ends.
  • Expand the Chain Pot by separating the Opening Rods. Then, put it on a Spreader Frame over a Nursery Tray.
  • By using a Brush, cover and fill the cells with the soil.
  • Make seeding holes by pressing a Dibbler.
  • Sow seeds with a Drop Seeder.
  • Remove the Spreader Frame and cover the soil firmly.


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