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Fujitora Shirogami Steel w/Wooden handle Mini-Light Deba Knife 105mm

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Item # Fujitora-Shirogami-LightDeba-105
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Tojiro FUJITORA Shirogami Steel Deba knife.

Both tradition and innovation are being existed in Tojiro's manufacturing process.

Modern technology of metal processing has been therefore improved over the decades in here and we are good at it. Although machines have allowed the process to become more efficient, the deciding factor lays, of course, in the skill and instinct of craftsmen.

From Tsubame-Sanjo to the world
Tsubame, where TOJIRO is located, is a metal-processing industrial cluster area known as Tsubame-Sanjo. Since manufacture of Wakugi (Japanese nail) started in the early 1600s, knives, pipes, copperware, metal-carving, cutlery and other products have been manufactured, and have increased in export.
Tojiro continues to manufacture the highest quality knives in this region where the spirit and techniques of manufacturing have been handed down since ancient times.

Shirogami #1
Also known as Shiro-ko, White paper #1, steel used for high-grade blades. This is a very pure Carbon steel alloy.
Since it does not contain alloy components, the skill of the blacksmith will be noticeable. With excellent craftsmanship, Shirogami has hardness and tenacity comparable to other steels, making it a good sharp knife. It is very reactive so wiping down and drying should be done after every use.


Model F-897
Knife type Deba
Blade Single edged
Steel Shirogami Steel (White Paper Steel)
Handle Hou wood handle
Blade length 105 mm
Full length 220 mm
Weight 75 g


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