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Paper Pot


Paper Pot Transplanter is one of the main products of the Paper Pot System. The Paper Pot Transplanter grooves, transplants, earths up and presses just by pulling it backward. Our Transplanter makes it possible to plant 264 plants in a few minutes. Paper Chain Pot is designed for a variety of crops; onion, beet, spinach, lettuce, salad green, broccoli, cabbage, bean, corn, basil, and so on.

Manual Transplanter

The compact and light-weight frame can be easily used by women as well. You can take the Paper Pot Transplanter anywhere because it won't require a power source. The simple and highly productive design assures you to reduce labor and planting time along with Paper Chain Pot. It’s the perfect transplanter for small farmers. We have several options available in our store.

Japanese Paper Pot Transplanter

The Paper Pot Transplanter was originally developed in the northern part of Japan where is popular farm region. The Paper Pot Transplanter has been improved since many years ago until now, and we will deliver the original Japanese Paper Pot Transplanter to you.

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