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Company PLUS Y'S CO., LTD.
Address 997 Yanagawashinden Sanjo Niigata Japan
Phone +81256396117
Alibaba https://plusys.trustpass.alibaba.com
Domestic for Farmer https://www.nakagawa-syouten.co.jp/
Domestic for Constructor https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/plusyskenchiku/


Director Motoki Yamagishi (Skype ID: zekkomon)
Website Administrator Daisuke Ogawa
Sales Assistant Yukiko Higashi
Logistics Assistant Miyuki Matsui
Web Planner/Editor Yuka Hara


Air ePacket (2 KG or less)
Air FedEx
Sea Chuetsu Transport (FOB, CFR, CIF)
Sea Naigai Trans Lines (FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP)
Sea/Air Hankyu Hanshin Express (FOB, CFR, CIF)


Nakagawa Syouten, the predecessor of PLUS Y'S CO., LTD. was established in 1967 as a shop to sell plows and other farm tools. Our principal industry in the Tsubame-Sanjo (Sanjo-Tsubame) area in the Niigata prefecture has been in agriculture ever since. In winter, deep snow covers the ground in the Tsubame-Sanjo area. The area has been developed as an industrial region where knives and piles used on farms were manufactured. There were many shops opened to sell those products and the area has become a market place hub where forge shops and stores have flourished.

In the 1970s and 1980s, a big change has come to those small shops. Large commercial stores opened and developed rapidly. Our second president successfully responded to that change and expanded sales channels through those large commercial stores as a whole seller of farm equipment. And now, we have thousands of products provided by more than 300 suppliers and manufacturers. Our second president is now taking his knowledge and experience to employees as a chairman.


In the 2000s, the third and current president initiated an E-commerce business as soon as Internet shopping became popular in Japan. He established a new company named PLUS Y'S CO., LTD.

PLUS Y'S CO., LTD. started to deliver farm equipment nationally in Japan and has changed product lines and corporate culture. We recruited young employees who are good at web technology and have launched web stores on popular large online shopping malls in Japan.

In parallel with the online stores, PLUS Y'S CO., LTD. positively continues the conventional business of shopping through telephone and fax. Most of our customers belong to the older generation and we learn a lot from the direct conversations we have with them.

What makes us happy is to listen to the voice of customers when they say things like "Farming is easier now with your products.", "We could harvest better crops this year."

We also would like to listen to comments such as"Can you reduce the cost a little bit more?" or "It would be perfect if the product could do..." We always listen and improve. Customers' honest opinions are definitely valuable to us. We give the feedback of our customers directly to our manufacturers and suppliers, then we improve our products better than what they are today.


We started our online shopping store aimed at the Japanese domestic market. However, we received requests and orders from overseas ever since the beginning. Many foreign customers are interested in Japanese farm equipment even though the domestic online store was written in Japanese. That was the first time we saw the potential market and strong customer demands out there. We remember that we received orders of small farm equipment, blades of harvesters, tofu molds and Japanese hocho knives.

Our motto is quick responses. If you want our products, we are more than happy to ship our products anywhere you live. We had concerns about international delivery, tariffs, product insurance and so on. But we faithfully responded to the orders one by one with our best. 6 years ago, we opened our first online store in Alibaba aimed at international customers.

It is not difficult to gain customer's trust retaining to the quality of Japanese products, even in the worldwide market. However, selling products is another story. We must answer the essential question from customers; "Will the product work in my environment?"

For example, Japanese Seeding Machines are not designed for foreign seeds in a variety of size and shape. There are many shapes of rice in the world. We verify if the machine can work on those situations by communicating and talking directly to the customers and manufacturers. Sometimes we receive samples of the seeds from customers and verify it.

We have been through a lot of trial and error. We have obtained know-hows through customers’ feedback. From the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South-America, we will answer your questions according to your demands. Please feel free to contact us.

Some of you may think "Are they reliable sellers?" Well, it is a natural concern some of you may have when it comes to importing items from foreign countries. You may also have a concern related to international delivery.

Our current customers have commented and reviewed their experience with us and many new customers have trusted us from it. Some customers started distribution business of our products after they bought from us and liked it very much. These are a few examples of how our customers have been satisfied and shared their good experiences with new customers.

You can trust us with the delivery as well. In 2017, we built a new company office with a large warehouse which is located just in front of a transportation company. We can arrange the shipping flexibly. Shipping volume has been increased and now we receive special price offers from our partners like E-packet, DHL, and FedEx. We reflect the economical delivery cost on the products page.


Looking back, we have built a great relationship with several craftsmen, manufactures, and forwarders since our humble beginning. Even now some of our customers from all over the world have come to visit our office simply because we have built many great international relationships with them.

If you are a farmer and you're curious about trying some new cutting edge Japanese products, please feel free to contact us anytime you please. Japan Agri Trading will serve you best by selling the highest quality, top-notch Japanese farm equipment. Along with that, we jump at and would like the opportunity to support you.